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Swimming Lesson Manchester Ladies and gents -do you want to learn to swim?
Swimming Lesson Oldham Too embarrassed to attend public sessions.
Adult Swimming Lesson Manchester Why not try our courses in PRIVATE and RELAXED surroundings in Oldham, Greater Manchester
Childrens Swimming Lesson Manchester Meet other people in similar situations
Swimming Lesson Manchester (small group lessons of four)


Do you feel like you are being left behind by your children's swimming ability?


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School house swimming Oldham, Greater Manchester has operated as a family run business for the past 28 years. The swimming pool measuring 12.5m x 6m was built along with the house in 1988 to accommodate our three sons who were all committed to swimming. Eventually the boys went on to swim at national level before going on to university.

In 1992, we decided to turn the pool over for the purpose of teaching small groups of adults and children in a friendly and secure environment. At any one time, only one group is being taught in the pool having this teacher's full attention.

We feel that our success in teaching adults, in particular to swim is largely due to the small groups (4 adults) with the teaching being in the water with you, and a pool life guard on the poolside.

Similarly, children's lessons have small groups (7 pupils), again the teacher in the water and a lifeguard on the poolside.

Our pre-school lessons (2-4 years) have small groups (5 pupils), again the teacher in the water and another teacher on the poolside.